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This program searches only the slide rule sites listed at the end of this file. On inputting the three search strings: 1. dietzgen 2. tyler 3. multilog into the search engine the following is typical output:

David Crate's Quality Slide Rules

      ...idCrate's Quality Slide Rules - Current Feature: Eugene Dietzgen Co. * OtherTopics * Interesting but Obscu...

      ...the most lovely slide rulesever created ... The Dietzgen-Tyler Multilog Lousy indicator design, though. --------------... lovely slide rulesever created ... The Dietzgen-..... Multilog Lousy indicator design, though. -----------------------...   Direct Link

Rod's Slide Rule Page

      ...t and Pape Mannheim Dicas Dicas Ivory Proof Rule Dietzgen Dietzgen Binary Circular Dietzgen N1725 Dietzgen M...

      ...tion VEB VEB Mantissa Trim LL Weems and Plath Tyler Weil Weil Polylog 1140 W H Smith W H Smith Lo...

      ... ALRO 200R ALRO 1010 Commercial Alvin Alvin Elite Multilog 1151 Alvin Elite Vectorlog 1157 Appoullot Appoull...   Direct Link

By default the "First Hit on Each Page Only" was selected so that only the first hit (of all three search strings) is shown. Note that all search strings are highlighted in red. Each site found has two links associated with it; one at the top and one at the bottom and both in blue. e.g. David Crate's Quality Slide Rules and Direct Link As its name suggests "Direct Link" is a direct link to the site shown in green, viz: Selecting this link displays the page as written by its author. The search strings selected are not, of course, highlighted. Selecting the top link displays the selected page with the relevant search strings highlighted in red. ** If there are many search strings to be higlighted, the display will be significantly slower than that by clicking the Direct Link. ** Now I do not necessarily index the whole of a site. Some sites have significantly more than slide rule content on them. It was my design aim to attempt to restrict returned hits to slide rule related topics only. I therefore only index content in the entry directory and all sub-directories of this entry directory to which there are links. That is, my software assumes that sites are well structured with all slide rule content appearing in the same directory sub-tree. If this is not the case and slide rule content is scattered across a site then some of it will not be indexed. Further, only links met within htm/html/shtm/shtml files are followed. It should be emphasised that this system does not scan the slide rule sites in real time. Approximately every six months the system runs a web crawler (variously called bots,spiders, webots etc., etc) which currently indexes over 40 slide rule web sites. It is this index which is searched when you put in a request. Here follows a list of sites which I currently index. More will be added as I become aware of them. I welcome suggestions of sites for inclusion. Sadly, there are one or two (non-English) sites of which I am aware that have not been included. This is because content on these sites is wrecking the layout of my display. Possibly this is due to unusual characters in the text. I am currently looking at this to determine the cause. This is the list of sites I have indexed: Tabak de Man Nitikin Gillings Hamann Sangwin McCoy Tombeur Site Crate van Domelen's House of Slide Rules David M Riches Thompson Lyon's Otis King Site Marcotte Resource Centre Pastore Martin's Slide Rules Calculators Schneemann of Technology Websites Jeffrey Donovan Oakhill Fabregas   Jorn Luetjen Armbrust's Collection Brenner (Pilot Balloons) Konshak's Slide Rule Museum Zeldes Kring Marras Slide Rules Rarities Society Holland Owen Scholl Calculators Furr Munafo Lovett Manley Rule Universe Burton Cordon Tolhurst Bullock Kingdom Slide Rule Circle Rarities University of Utah of Greifswald Blumich

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