Manufacturer: L. Appoullot
Country of Manufacture: France
Number: 3570921
Date of Manufacture:  
Scales: (Front) C, L, sqr root, cube root, sqr root, cube root, cube root, S1, T1, S2, T2
Scales: (Back) None
Number of Scales: Effectively 6
Gauge Points: π,q ,q'
Slide Rule made from: Tin?
Cursor made from: Plastic
Cursor Lines: None
Overall Length of Rule: 19.7 cm diameter
Length of Scales:  
Depth: 0.1 cm
Acquired from: David Burns
Date: February 2003
Condition: Good
 Cloth sheath. Good condition.
 The fact that both the square and cube root scales
 and the sine and tangent scales are interleaved makes
 the rule quite difficult to use.