Manufacturer: Aristo
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Type: 965 Commerz II
Number: 2LA 01
Date of Manufacture: 1970
Scales: (Front) cm / KZ [T2, P2, P1, T1] Z, M, , s/d / ins
Scales: (Back)               [ZZ3, ZZ2, ZZ1, ZZ%, T1]
Number of Scales: 14
Gauge Points: 1.44,π,e, lg ton, Brit qt,mile, cu ft, etc., etc.
Slide Rule made from: Plastic
Cursor made from: Plastic slight magnification
Cursor Lines: 1
Overall Length of Rule: 31 cm
Length of Scales: 25 cm
Width: 5.5 cm
Depth: 0.6 cm
Weight: 123 gm
Acquired from: Dick Rose
Date: Jun 2001
Condition: Good
 Cardboard box. Good condition
 Instructions (English). Good condition
 Data sheet (1361). Good condition