Manufacturer: Aristo
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Type: 940 Stahlbeton
Number: 2 LS 2
Date of Manufacture: 1973
Scales: (Front) Fe, me, Me A, b B, me BI, k, CI,(k,b) C, ke, h
Scales: (Back) Charts and Tables
Number of Scales: 11+
Gauge Points: π, C
Slide Rule made from: Plastic
Cursor made from: Plastic extra wide, very complex
Cursor Lines: 18+
Overall Length of Rule: 37.2 cm
Length of Scales: 25 cm + 2.2 cm extension
Width: 6.6 cm
Depth: 0.6 cm
Acquired from: Karl-Heinz Dumplemann
Date: Mar 2005
Condition: Good
 Plastic box. Good condition
 Instructions (German). Good condition
 Data sheet.  Good condition
 Very high gloss