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This program requests the name (or part name) of an Author and displays a list of all articles viewed by users of Literature Search
( https://sliderules.lovett.com/extendedlitsearch.html)

The following publications are monitored: The Slide Rule Gazette, The Journal of The Oughtred Society, The Proceedings of the International Meetings of Slide Rule Collectors.

Skid Stick cannot be monitored since the whole of the relevant Skid Stick is displayed when an individual article is requested.

"Full details" provides the date and displays all accesses to all requested articles.

"Summary" accumulates all identical articles and displays distinct articles only, together with their hit counts.

"Summary" takes considerably longer to run than "Full details".

The program provides details of all requested articles displayed from July 2007 to June 2024 inclusive.
Created by Rod Lovett.