Manufacturer: Dargue
Country of Manufacture: England
Type: Simplon XL-10 Log-Log
Date of Manufacture:  
Scales: (Front) LU, A [B, CI, C] D, LL
Scales: (Back) A, S, L, T, D
Number of Scales: 12
Gauge Points: π, M, C, C1
Slide Rule made from: Mahogany and Plastic
Cursor made from: Plastic with partial Metal Frame
Cursor Lines: 1 front
Overall Length of Rule: 32.7 cm
Length of Scales: 24.7 cm + 2.5 cm extension
Width: 3.5 cm
Depth: 0.9 cm
Weight: 76 gms
Acquired from: Steve John
Date: April 2002
Condition: Good
 Cardboard Box. Poor Condition
 Instructions (English). Medium Condition