Manufacturer: Dring and Fage
Country of Manufacture: England
Type: Proof Rule
Date of Manufacture: 1808-1844
Scales: (Front) CON, IM, EX, PR [CB, A] PR, EX, IM, CON, ?, EX, IM
Scales: (Back) CON, IM, EX, WATER [?, D] ?, EX, IM, CON
Number of Scales: 23
Gauge Points:  
Slide Rule made from: Ivory and Boxwood
Cursor made from:  
Cursor Lines:  
Overall Length of Rule: 26.1 cm + 0.8 cm slide ext
Length of Scales: 25.0 cm
Width: 4.0 cm
Depth: 0.5 cm
Weight: 76 gms
Acquired from: Steve Jones
Date: Jan 2002
Condition: Good