Country of Manufacture: England
Type: Everard Boxwood 4-Slide
Date of Manufacture:  
Scales: (Front) North: Seg Ly [B] Sy and on the reverse middle [3 scales] West: A [C] D
Scales: (Back) South: SegST [C] SyS East: ? [B] D
Number of Scales: 15
Gauge Points: IM.B, IM.G, M
Slide Rule made from: Boxwood
Cursor made from:  
Cursor Lines:  
Overall Length of Rule: 30.0 cm
Length of Scales: 30.0 cm
Width: 2.7 cm
Depth: 2.0 cm
Weight: 158 gms
Acquired from: R. C. Blankenhorn
Date: Sep 2001
Condition: Good apart from 1/2cm missing from one of the sliders
 No case
One of the sliders is very stiff.