Manufacturer: Fowler
Country of Manufacture: England
Type: Long Scale Calculator
Date of Manufacture:  
Scales: (Front) C (short scale), C (6 turn long scale)
Scales: (Back) C, CI, L, R1, R2, S, T, SRT
Number of Scales: 10
Gauge Points: π, q, l10, EHP, gE, gF,2, 3
Slide Rule made from: Pressed metal
Cursor made from: Plastic
Cursor Lines: 2 front, 1 back
Overall Length of Rule: 6.7 cm Diameter
Length of Scales:  
Depth: 1.1 cm
Acquired from: Mark Hutchinson
Date: Jul 2004
Condition: Good
 Metal case. Good condition
 JOS Vol 7, No. 2 "Fowler's Pocket Watch Type Calculators"
 JOS Vol 8, No. 2 "Pocket Watch Slide Rules"
 JOS Vol 11, No. 2 "The Fowler Calculators - a Catalogue Raisonne"