Help File

The ISRG Photo Archive was established over many years by members of the group posting images as the whim took them. It follows that the quality of the images varies from the very good to the quite abysmal.

Further, although many of the images are labelled accurately many are not. Neither the titles of the directories nor the names of the images can always be relied upon to to accurately convey their content. Having said that there are some real gems in this archive.

On the closure of the ISRG by Yahoo in December 1999 this archive was saved. The archive was transferred to its current site in July 2020 as is. That is, no attempt has been made to rationalise the naming of the directories or images.

However, access to this archive has been significantly improved by providing a search facility that may be used either to display the complete directory structure or directories and images which match the specified search criteria.

Everything in this archive is now clickable. That is all images are clickable and all directories are clickable to display the images which themselves are clickable.