The Slide Rule Sightings Help File

Merely insert the desired string and press "RETURN".

All four fields are searched.

Case is ignored.

Alternatives may be searched by using the "|" character.
Thus "Chamberlain|Stewart" will find all references to "Chamberlain" or "Stewart".

More than one "|" may be used e.g., Chamberlain|Stewart|Davie

ISRG n refers to the entry in which the match appears in the ISRG Archive. It may be read using:

with "n" in the first field and "Message Number" selected or by clicking the relevant link.

A reference to, say, "Flight of the Phoenix", may appear many times.

A posting may be shortened but will not have been edited.

This database is a significant extension to the original ISRG database for slide rule sightings.

Here an attempt has been made to include every significant slide rule sighting mentioned in
any of the 50,000 messages in the ISRG Archive.

This includes references to Films, TV programs, Cartoons, Radio, DVDs, Videos, Books, Magazines, Newspapers,
Pictures, Photographs, Art, Posters, Games, Messages, Web Sites, Advertisements, Locations, Songs, and Flags.

The reference refers to where the slide rule was seen.;

The whole of the database may be viewed by using a search string of "."


Created by Rod Lovett.