Herman's Archive Help File

This form allows you to add entries (data and pictures) to Herman's Archive.

For any rule, a maximum of five pictures may be provided.

Currently the files are not inserted directly into the archive but are uploaded to a holding area from which they are installed after several checks are made.

Currently the database supports the storage of ".jpg", ".gif", ".png", and ".tif" files ONLY.

After filling in the main body of the data form, it is recommended that the "Browse" buttons are used to select the photograph(s) for uploading; this ensures that incorrect filenames are not selected due to incorrect typing.

Filenames may contain the following characters ONLY: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, the underscore ("_"), the hyphen ("-"), spaces, and the period (".").

The maximum size of a file that may be submitted is 2M. However, a suggested realistic maximum is of the order of 0.25M.

From the pictures you submit, one is chosen to be also displayed as a "thumbnail" by the Archive Search program.

The one chosen is the one whose name is lexicographically the lowest.

Thus if files m.jpg, p.jpg, a.jpg, f.jpg are submitted then a.jpg will be used as the thumbnail.

Similarly if files P478.jpg, P15000.jpg, P67.jpg are submitted then P15000.jpg will be chosen.

Note that 0-9 is lower than A-Z is lower than a-z. Thus if a.jpg, b.jpg and E.jpg are submitted then E.jpg will be chosen.

The data for the slide rule and ALL the picture(s) must be submitted at the same time, i.e. by the same mouse click.
It is not possible to relate data to separately submitted picture(s).

Although many entries in Herman's Archive do not have all the data fields filled (and it is not necessary here), please ensure that the "Origin of Rule" field is filled. Attribution of the original contents of this database was obtained from Herman's database. However this is "OUR" archive and I feel a joint feeling of ownership is important.