Manufacturer: Keuffel and Esser
Country of Manufacture: U.S.A.
Type: Analon 68-1400
Number: 009787
Date of Manufacture:  
Scales: (Front) V2, V1/2, A [B, U1/2, V-1, V, C] D, V, V-1
Scales: (Back) None
Number of Scales: 11
Gauge Points: None
Slide Rule made from: Plastic
Cursor made from: Plastic
Cursor Lines: 1
Overall Length of Rule: 31.3 cm
Length of Scales: 24.9 cm
Width: 4.5 cm
Depth: 0.5 cm
Weight: 75 gm
Acquired from: Olivia Jones
Date: Feb 2001
Condition: Good
 Leather case. Good condition
 Instruction Book (English). Good condition
 JOS Vol 9, No. 1
 "A Qualitative Analysis of A Quantitative Device"