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AbacusAn Abacus resource centre
Andreas TabakA German collector's slide rules
Andrew NitikinA Resource Centre
Atsushi TomozawaA Japanese collector's site
Bill Robinson's SiteA collection of articles and list of hyperbolic rules
Bob Adams SiteContains an Elektro Slide Rule Database
Bob's Calculators and Slide RulesIncludes Thacher and Fuller Replicas
Bryan Purcell's SiteInformation about Slide Rules, Math, Science, Astronomy, and Education
Calculators at Gilai collectiblesA collection of slide rules and calculating equipments
Chris GillingsA list of pictures and rules in his collection including many special purpose rules
Chris Hamann's Slide Rule Collection "The On-Line Museum" = Collection + Restoration Mechanical Calculators, SlideRules + More
Chris Osburn's Calculating InstrumentsA personal collection and a question: Is a "calculating instrument" an "insidious device"?
Chris SangwinA resource centre
Circle of German slide rule collectorsSite of the German slide rule collectors
Collector's WeeklyA selection of High Bid/Most Watched/Ending Soon/Completed eBay Auctions
Cold War CalculatorsFor defence planners and military commanders
Colin Tombeur's SiteA small site with some interesting rules.
Dave Crate's Quality Used Slide RulesArchive of Dave Crate's site.
Dave Hoyer's Slide RulesAn Australian Collector's Site. The World's Most Accurate Slide Rule!
Dave van DomelenA collection of his slide rules
David A DavisA Richoh/Relay Archive Site.
David M RichesA collection of mathematical instruments and slide rules
David RanceA Dutch collector's site
David ThompsonArchive Site.
David Walker's Web SiteAn interesting microscopic analysis of various slide rules
Dick Lyon'sAn Otis King Resource Centre
Dick RoseA site containing a large number of vintage instruments.
Eric MarcotteA resource centre together with a selection of his rules
German Resource CentreStarting point for a wide range of pictures, literature, manuals, simulators etc.
Giovanni Breda's Slide RulesAn Italian Collector's Slide Rules
Gonzalo Martin's site 'photocalcul' Slide RulesA collection of slide rules , mechanical calculators and more ( French Language ). Archive Site.
Greg's Slide RulesA personal collection of slide rules from an Australian collector and a resource centre.
History of ComputingA site created by Nathan Zeldes
History of Technology WebsitesIncludes sections on the Halden Calculex, and John Dicas proof rule
HubertA collection of Faber Castell slide rules
Ing. Giovanni PastoreHistory and collection of slide rules
Instrumentos de Calculo - Coleccion CastaresPhotos and information of slide rules and calculators in the collection. Archive Site.
Jfzazza's SiteA Spanish collector's site
John CurrentArchive of John Current's Collection.
John Lahr's Slide Rule CollectionAn inventory of his slide rules
John OakhillA Thornton site
Jorn's Online Museum A German museum for abacii and slide rules
Kent WalkerArchive of Kent Walker's Collection
Keuffel and EsserKeuffel and Esser Resource Centre
Kim's CollectionA Japanese collector's web site
linealis.orgA collection of French and European slide rules , particularly Graphoplex.
Marks Armbrust's CollectionIncludes a Virtual Hemmi 153, K & E 4093-3, and Analon
Martin BrennerPilot Balloon Resources
Mike Konshak's Slide Rule MuseumA wide ranging resource centre
Mr KlingonFor Klingons,trekkies and slide rule emulation
Nathan ZeldesAn exhibition of slide rules and other historical computing artifacts
Nederland KringA Dutch resource centre
Nicola Marras's SiteA collection of slide rules of an Italian collector
Oak Ridge Associated UniversitiesA collection of Nuclear slide rules
Paul Ross (Slide Rule Trading Co.)For Post and Hemmi afficionados; also spare parts for hemmi, k&e and relay/ricoh
Peter HollandA German trader and collector dealing mainly in Aristo, Nestler and Faber-Castell
Peter OwenA personal collection with some slide rule literature
Philip Scholl's Slide Rule SiteArchive of Philip's slide rule site.
Robert Munafo's Slide RulesAn unusual page, well worth exploring
Roberto Durrer's Slide RulesSite brasileiro para colecionadores de réguas de cálculo
Robert Wolf's Slide Rule EmulatorMagnificent, highly professional software for creating slide rule emulators of any level of complexity.
Rod Lovett's Slide RulesA collection of slide rules showing the rule maker's art in the 20'th Century
Ron ManleyA large resource centre
Slide Rule DocumentationArchive of a selection of manuals for printing.
Slide Rule OperationEverything you need to know about the Operation of a Slide Rule
Slide Rule StoreA range of rules, books, and manuals for sale
Slide Rule UniverseA very impressive commercial site with a continually growing slide rule archive
Sergei FrolovSoviet Digital Electronics Museum
Stefan Vorkoetter's SiteA collection of Slide Rules, Early Calculators, and Old Computers
Steve BurtonA Slide Rule Simulator
The Curta Calculator SiteEverything you need to know about the Curta
The GemmaryA dealer in rules and antiques
The International Slide Rule Group ArchiveA treasure house of information
The Oughtred SocietyThe International Society for all Slide Rule Collectors
The Ultralog ProjectIn memory of Zvi Doron
The United Kingdom Slide Rule CircleTo promote interest in slide rules
The University of UtahWhat Can You Do With a Slide Rule?
Tina's Slide RulesDemonstrating a wide range of interests.
Todd TolhurstA selection of his rules
Tom Bullock's Slide RulesA random collection of slide rules
University of GreifswaldArchive of a German site containing pictures of a range of linear,circular and cylindrical rules.
Walter Szrek and Herbert Schneemann' SiteAn extensive site on calculating machines
Wayne Harrison's Slide RulesReplica scales of long scale slide rules
Archive of William John's Slide RulesArchive of William John's Collection.
A personal collection of Curta mechanical calculators and electronic vintage calculating devicesMy personal collection of Curtas and electronic and mechanical calculators and computers
Steve Seale's slide rule siteA collection of mostly log-log, hyperbolic, and specialty rules
The Slide Rule Guy's Web Site Selection of slide rules & antique mechanical calculators
The National Museum of American HistoryDetails of a wide range of slide rules
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