Quick Help File

The program allows you to search for data on all completed e-bay slide rule auctions.
The first three lines allow you to search for slide rules by maker and model.
The program recognises common abbreviations for some makers and you only have
to type enough to identify the maker. Input is not case-sensitive.
For example, if you put K&E or keuffel in the first line and Decilon in
the second you will obtain the prices of K & E Decilon rules.

The fourth line allows you to exclude strings. For example, to search for
Fuller rules but not Fullerton rules, you can enter fuller in the first
line and fullerton in the fourth.
The price, in US dollars can be entered with or without the dollar sign.
Only rules selling above that price are displayed.
Other currencies are not recognised.

Only rules auctioned after the selected date are displayed.
Each line in the database contains a line of the form:
Date of Bid   Number of Bids   Price Obtained   Text
By default the whole line is searched. The search can be restricted to the Text Field only
by clicking the "Text String Only Search" radio button.

You may also request prices from British, German and French e-bay.

The prices from American, British, German, and French ebay are given in Dollars.

In your chosen category you may also request the minimum, maximum, and

average price of all items that attracted bids.

Further, in your chosen category you may also request a bar chart representation
of the maximum prices of all articles from U.S. e-bay on a monthly basis.
And, finally, you may request a table of the number of items in your requested
category sold on U.S ebay.
For full information please see: Help

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