Manufacturer: SIC (Scientific Instrument Company)
Country of Manufacture: Japan
Type: 1580
Date of Manufacture:  
Scales: (Front) Sh2, Sh1, Th, A [BI, S, T, CI, C] D, LL3, LL2, LL1
Scales: (Back) X2, X1, P2, P1 [Q, Y, L, LthX, I ] I, theta 1, theta 2, LtgX
Number of Scales: 26 + Slide and Stator Markings on the Cursor
Gauge Points: π, e, P, C, R, N
Slide Rule made from: Bamboo and Plastic with Metal End Pieces
Cursor made from: Plastic
Cursor Lines: 1 front, 1 back
Overall Length of Rule: 35.0 cm
Length of Scales: 25.0 cm + 3.1 cm extension
Width: 4.7 cm
Depth: 0.7 cm
Acquired from: Darwin Williams
Date: Dec 2005
Condition: Good
 Leather case. Good condition.
 Instructions (English). Good condition.