Help File

This program is a subset of and provides a list of clickable entries matching the chosen search criteria. All pictures with a size of between 10K and 100K provided by the seller are made available together with any description. The 10K lower limit was arbitrarily chosen to avoid storing a large number of useless pictures. Not all pictures over 10K are, of course, valuable and not all pictures less than 10K are worthless. The 100K upper limit was chosen to save storage space. The text field of the displayed articles is now clickable and allows the observation of both the supplied text and the pictures. A massive subset of "slide rules" was chosen for this program. Specifically, each week a range of selected auctions for "slide rules" from have been archived. This subset contains no rules with a price of less than $50. Many rules with a price greater than $50 but attracting no bids have not been archived. I have also stopped archiving many common rules appearing week after week. Further, from May 2008, many pictures of winning Curta auctions are made available. From October 2008, searching of and was made available. From September 2010, searching of was made available. The actual parameters for searching are identical with those from: and can be read in the Help File associated with that program. However, perhaps certain searches should be emphasised: (a) A search string of "." (without the quotes) will display all entries, (b) A search string of "aug-2008" will display all entries that terminated in August 2008. Back to Search