Manufacturer: W.H.Smith
Country of Manufacture: England
Type: Master Duplex A505
Date of Manufacture: 1970+
Scales: (Front) LL01, LL02, LL03, A [B, L, CI, C] D, LL3, LL2, LL1
Scales: (Back) K, P, ST, DF [ CF, CIF, CI, C] D, T, S
Number of Scales: 23
Gauge Points: π, p'', p'
Slide Rule made from: Plastic
Cursor made from: Plastic
Cursor Lines: 4 front, 1 back
Overall Length of Rule: 34.9 cm
Length of Scales: 25.4 cm (10")
Width: 4.9 cm
Depth: 0.5 cm
Weight: 124 gm
Acquired from: Andrea Tozzo
Date: Mar 2001
Condition: Good
 Very heavy duty plastic case. Good condition
 High gloss finish
 Is this a Blundell Academy 505?